Sunday, 16 February 2014

The start.. Again

the start of georgiaevol!

To start off with my name is Georgia! This isn't my first blog, this is my second, a year or two ago I was so into blogging and kept it going for nearly a year and got so many followers and met some great people via blogspot but I just slowly lost my passion and focus. My personal life changed and my career path also! So I tried to just focus on the little things in life. So I thought I'd come back fresh, with a new mind set and start up again! This blog will still be beauty and fashion based and I will just throw some random stuff in as well, depending what I fancy really, sometimes may just use this as a place to vent and just talk it you guys like I am currently doing lol! so yeah this is just a quick update and my first post! I will have to build up my followers again but it's a good challenge and wether I get more or less people that like my blog, I will still be very appreciative of the people that do! So I hope you enjoy, and send me some links to some good blogs to check out!
Lots a love, Georgia x

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