Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fragrance Of The Month #1 ; Zara, Femme

I have recently fallen in love with this perfume! I have been wearing Jlo or Benefit for the last 6 months or so, and it takes a good perfume for me to push those fragrances aside! I was just browsing in Zara with my sister, pretty much jus following her around and saying yes or no or giving her ideas on how to style certain things! And she started picking up the perfumes and I got involved and she got this same perfume as well. It is so beautiful, it is cheap at only £9.99!! i think it's very feminine but also a little but musky as well. It lingers on your skin, which I love! It doesn't last forever but I would say at least about 9/10 hours of the day. the packaging is so elegant and looks a lot more expensive than some high-end perfumes!
I defo suggest if your by a Zara, pop I'm and have a smell.. There are a couple more perfumes that I will be purchasing very soon! 

Till Next Time Beautiful ..


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  1. OOOOOHH! I'm on the look out for a new fragrance but my usual is too expensive for my current budget, I'll definitely be checking this out!

    Pickles & Pinafores // UK Fashion Blog


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