Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Hi guys! I hope your all well and had an amazing new years and wish all the best for the year to come!
Some of you may already have seen that this beauty of a fitness 'guru' finally released his own fitness DVD. I started it boxing day and continued a few days after. I was aching the day after! - no pain no gain!
It is probably the best workout DVD I have tried and feels so much more effective than the ones I have tried. Just for refrence I have tried Charlotte Crosby's DVD (both), Vicky Patterson, Josey Gibson and a Zumba one. So I have tried a few lol But what I have found over the last year of getting into fitness and having a personal trainer, is that HIT workouts are the best for burning calories and getting your heart rate up. It deffo isn't easy and I have been nearly sick a few times to know but it is the more effective and for the sake of doing a 15 minute workout to training for an hour and half, I feel like I have done more in the 15 minutes to what I done in the hour and half!
So now I have finished blabbering on, I just thought I would share my thoughts on this DVD, to hopefully inspire some of you switch up your training or even inspire some of you to start!
Have a look over on the 'SHOP' page, I have put together some of my favourite sportswear to help inspire you :)
I will keep you all updated in the coming weeks on my progress!
Till next time,
G x


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