Friday, 8 January 2016


Hi Guys!! 
If you follow me over on Instagram then you would know, I completely LOVE Khloe Kardashian and this book!! 
It's not exactly a health and fittness bible but it's everything that I personally believe I need to help motivate and inspire me in so many ways other than fittness! It's truly amazing and it's a easy read and so nice and kind of reminds me of self help books but this is 10000x better lol 
Deffo worth a read! It also has some beautiful photo's!! Some recipes ( food, drinks and cocktails!!). 

I just love how she shares and story and then goes into telling you how she got through it, what she learnt and how she manages to carry on today. It is a beautiful book and I will be keeping it close for a long time, to simply keep me motivated and thoughtful.

G x

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