Friday, 25 July 2014

Music I'm Listening too..

One Person .. 

August Alsina 

If you haven't already heard of August.. you mad! I think i fall in love with his voice, him, his stories, his pain.. every time i listen to him! he has brung old school r'n'b back with his voice. He has so much real and raw content in his lyrics that it makes me listen to what he has to say aswell as how he sings it lol. i have so many favorite songs but if i was to choose it would be, 'FML' , 'Don't forget about me' , 'Make it home' . I am not gonna keep talking, I am just spreading my love for his music, his album is amazing! if you like good music, real shit! then it is deffo an album to listen too! i will leave a link to his YouTube page down below, go check it out and tell me if you agree.. and he is also not bad to stare at either lool Stalker alert! 

Till Next Time Beautiful .. 


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