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Just some quick tips and tricks of how I manage to keep on track on my fitness/weight loss journey! It is a constant battle and everyone has good days and bad days and there are so many factors that can influence your journey, so here are just some things I do to stay on track and get through the many factors that can challenge you.
Look back at ' progress photo's '
Remind yourself how far you have come and why you started to change your lifestyle!
Sometimes this is something people forget to do and it is a brilliant way to help you see the changes your body has gone through. I hate taking the photo's at the beginning but as I go through the photos from this year, it is an amazing feeling seeing how much you have changed!
Explore new recipes
Now people, I do love cooking and I would say I am pretty good at it. So, to me this is an important one because nutrition is at least 80% of weight loss. and some people don't realise this. I know it gets so boring sometimes, eating the same foods and not having enough flavour and you feel like your depriving yourself of sugars and all them good tasting things you used to eat, but trust me when I say, there are so many foods that are equally as tasty and a lot better for you than that cheeky McDonald's or Krispy crème doughnut or takeaway.
I don't want to drag this one on, because I could easily keep talking lol 
but there are so many good healthy recipes out there, you just have to look, experiment and find something you like - you will be surprised to what you can eat when you make it homemade!!
Drink lots of water
If you have followed my blog since the beginning, you will know that any health post I have done, this is one that without fail, is mentioned! simply because it is so important!
There are so many benefits to drinking plenty of water and once you have been doing it for a long time, you will notice the benefits to your body. I found mine are that my skin is SO much clearer and healthier and it also helps me feel fuller when eating. try drinking water for a month and then have a glass of coke.. tell me how you feel after finishing!?
Trust in social media
In this day in age, social media is at its peak.. so take advantage of it!
I recently had a mental block on training, I just lost the 'get up and go'.. I would easily be persuaded to do something else rather than go to the gym, I was probably only training twice a week with a personal trainer and not eating as good as I could so I just started following new fitness pages on Instagram and blogs and even YouTube videos. I LOVE snapchat, and I think this is the best social media platform to be on at the moment, so I followed some new people on Snap. it makes a massive difference!
I think having health and fitness on your timeline is such good motivation and a lot better than having things that could tempt you into falling off again!
Plan ahead
Now this is one that I am not brilliant at, but I am always trying.
some peoples lifestyles just can't plan and prep meals and sessions ahead of time, but I think doing as much as you can to plan ahead is better than not at all!
planning meals and cooking on the weekend is always a good start. planning what days you will be training and what sort of training or booking yourself into classes a week ahead will help to motivate you into making sure you have the time to get down to the class/gym etc.
There are also, so many sites/fitness guru's that have meal plans to help you as well, so don't be scared to look into it.
Switch your training up
My personal trainer and also all the fitness guru's I follow online, cant stress enough about challenging your body - that's how you get results!
When your not shocking your body into different things or pushing yourself hard enough, this is when people fall off their plan. simply because, they are not seeing the results they want to see and some don't bother to push through it and try different things.
I found looking online at different work outs helps massively! (you can watch these whilst your training)
Try training with someone, a friend or a couple friends. or even get yourself a personal trainer - you will learn a lot from a PT.
Find a workout that you enjoy and then switch it up with weights or resistance bands! just so your pushing yourself.
I hope some of my personal tips and tricks help some of you! There are so many that I had to just narrow it down to these few.
If you have any, please do let me know!
Till next time beautiful,
G x

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