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If you asked me if I loved myself at the beginning of 2017, I would have said yes, but I would have been lying through my teeth! and it wasn't until I was reading a few different empowering blog posts and online articles that I really thought deep about it and realised that I really don't love myself enough. and then of course, It got me down, thinking about how no one is going to love me if i cant love myself.. blah blah!! These negative thoughts may have some truth behind them but HOW ANNOYING! the negative thoughts do not help one bit, I just end up in a downward spiral if I dwell on the sad thoughts.
So, I started changing my thoughts daily (mind you, I'm not saying it was easy and it still isn't easy) and its just the little things that you can change about how you think, that can make all the difference in the life you lead. I saw a quote that I kept in mind, 'Its not about how you react, its about how you respond'.

When you start loving yourself, your whole outlook on life changes and the sooner you change the way of thinking the better! I try to keep myself inspired, think positive, create your own happiness!
below I have listed just a few things that have helped me and continue to help me with this rollercoaster ride called 'Life'!
Find your happiness
now you can find this in so many different things, its about whatever makes you happy.. then do it! whatever realises those happy thoughts, helps clear your head and just keeps you calm and at peace. I found mine in exercising again and reading books and photography. all three are my go to everyday (although, exercising everyday isn't the most fun lol I would be lying to you all if working out is my most favourite activity lol) but all help me to keep my mind clear and helps me feel a little better and more like myself.
I haven't tried it myself but my friends swear by meditation or yoga or even simple things like going for a walk once a day, having a long bath with some nice bath oils. anything that you know makes you feel better in yourself.
Think more positive
This is honestly, the most easiest of them all once you start doing it on a daily basis! honestly! if your one of those people that, when your having a bad day.. its a really bad day and one thing after another. this used to be me, and not going to lie, I do have my moments when I go off track a little bit but it doesn't last as long as it used to.
I started to not let the 'little things' bother me, if something doesn't go right, don't let it get to you just brush it off and think positive. don't let one little thing ruin your whole day!
surround yourself with positivity and happiness
life is a funny ol' thing isn't it!?
I say this because I realised so much after a while of changing how I processed things and how I lived my life. when I was trying to be more positive and try to change my life for the better mentally and physically, and of course with age, I started to see people for potentially how they really are.. and it wasn't always a good thing. it was/is hard when it happens, especially when you have been friends for many, many years, but how I see it, that's just life! life is hard and everything happens for a reason and everyone has their own path in life, + not everyone is supposed to be on the same ride as you - and that's ok!
doesn't mean I don't still love and care for these people, but just means that I just have to do so, from a distance. when you change your thought process, you just want happiness and generally good vibes around you.. sometimes it can also encourage others around you to change slightly .. but again, people will only change or adapt their lives if they want to.
Always put yourself first
Sounds so selfish doesn't it!?
well it isn't!.. when it comes to your own happiness and self love this is paramount! no one is in charge of your own happiness except yourself! people can have an affect on your happiness but its down to you how you deal with it! is something or someone isn't bringing anything good into your life then you have the control to change that, so knowing what is good and bad for your life is so important. its time to put yourself first when it comes to controlling your own life!
I hope some of these things help at least one of you, I just wanted to share something abit different and I enjoy doing posts like this because they are also a reminder for myself in the future.
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